Wednesday, March 17, 2010

To do list this week...

  1. COE open house movie. highlights - 10 minute video by next time… (before April 1)-Do a Screenflow video of COE island and new signs. Coming soon… Fall 2010), and comparison shot old building versus coming soon new building…
  2. Double check with COEDSA . wired projector Internet access, where it's going to be...
  3. Send a notice to Nick, we want to try out the jeopardy board for Fall 2010 and for COE open house...
  4. Tell Peter whether I can come April 14. Tell CESA, April 14… email Milli
  5. Advisory board - Redo the mockup. Incorporate photos into mockup
  6. COE SL open house - Speakers - Teaching as a career. why I choose to go into teaching, highlights going through the teaching program at COE, practicum, advice for people considering a career in teaching… Alumna experience perspective (ME), GET FIT, Curtis Ho
  7. - Promote: modify notecards. - Marketing: Ask Si and Nick about connections to target audience... Talk to Nick and Stephen about how they found about the UH COE council
  8. Email Elle back
  9. Send Peter email about meeting about 690 and redoing mock up over Spring break
  10. Write blog post for readings for ETEC 750 tonight
  11. Change dentist appointment date
  12. Look at Peter's PPT's