Monday, April 12, 2010

Notes from today

Hi blog,
Today I met with the head of my committee who gave me some great advice on updating my methodology. Here's a few things I need to do.

  1. Instead of using the words "The researcher," change it to "I"
  2. Do not use the phrases "I believe" or "I think." If I am not sure about a particular statement I make, back it up with "so and so answers this by" etc... (use references and citations). Or say "this method has been used by others such as..."
  3. For my lit review say in the beginning "This lit review is about (in general). The next three sections are...
  4. For my research design, I need to talk more about what a digital ethnography (field notes) is and that it will be in Second Life accompanied by interviews and surveys of the actual people. (Research methodology)
  5. Theoretical framework: Talk about identity also in the literature review. I need to put in a diagram showing the framework (or create one and include it in the methodology).
  6. I need to include a section on "role of the researcher" after the "Participants and Sites" section.
  7. State I am using the constant comparative method for data analysis. My coding will be based on concepts from the framework. (note: I asked Peter what method he called his and he said there wasn't a name for it, just basic plain organizing LOL).
  8. State whether I will be coding throughout the research process or if I will code that in the end. If I code throughout then the framework could change. Look at Chris' dissertation.
  9. Fill out course sheet of what I took and when. Email Ellen, if I can't find the course sheet.
  10. I need to fix the normal text in my proposal. Go to Normal --> Modify style --> Format --> Paragraph --> Double (line spacing) --> First line (line and page breaks) make sure it is check marked. Click ok
  11. Then change "Heading 1" by going to "Modify style," paragraph, special:none, spacing: Before "0" and After "0". Line and page breaks, make sure "Keep with next" is checked. Make it bold.
  12. Format document Header is 1"
  13. Go to Insert --> Header --> Footer/alignment footer # left. I think...
  14. Use Adobe Acrobat to skip pages and put the abstract and signature document in the dissertation. Signature page is actually hard copy and separate from the PDF.
  15. For the Chapter headings, use Shift + return when separating Chapter III and METHODOLOGY onto separate lines.
  16. Do video for Peter.
  17. Consider qualitative research course during the summer 6 weeks total.
  18. Work on PowerPoint for tomorrow, possibly do it in Second Life
  19. I want to defend in May