Friday, June 18, 2010

Meeting today with Peter at Starbucks

Dear blog,

Just met with my boss Peter today and here are some notes from our meeting.

First of all, we decided to push back the decision of who to award the contract to to June 25th, 2010. I informed Peter that Wagner James Au may have some recommendations of other designers that he knows of that would build and design for our island for the price that we wanted. Peter also wanted me to email the bids from the previous designers we are looking at plus the links to designers' portfolios. I also have to give Peter the name of one of the designer's businesses to see if we are able to send a PO to her without it raising any concerns to the people in charge of the grant.

On a side note, I also have to get Peter the number of attendees for the two COE recruitment events we held inworld. Peter also mentioned that he needed help on 2 workshops at Punahou, July 9th, 8 AM-9:20, 10:30-12noon where we will teach high school teachers about Second Life.

After discussing the development of the SL island, I talked about my article for AECT with Peter. I basically want to use the CAL model of Adult Learning Theory for my paper. However, I need to find out how to overlap it with Sherry Turkle's theory. Is there any overlap? Read Turkle and integrate the two and see if I can salvage my questions.

Also, I'll probably focus my research on just students who are taking classes in regards to the identity (characteristics part) and then focus on faculty for the learning part. In other words, do faculty take these characteristics into consideration when designing instruction for virtual environments. Also are there any instruments used to test CAL model? Surveys, etc... I need to look at the Personal and Situation characteristics of the SL student user. I need to ask Faculty what characteristics affect their desgin for instruction in SL? Is there a correlation between personal characteristics and situational characteristics? And how does the CAL model affect the design for learning within the MUVE?

I need to then review this then with Ellen and see if I have to redo the comps or not. If I have to do my comps again, I might consider designed based research instead. Possibly 2 iterations if I do it.