Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meeting with Peter today

Hi Everyone,

Today, I met with my adviser one more time before I submit my article to AECT. I really am surprised at how quick he actually reviewed and critiqued my article. I emailed it to him at midnight and he had it reviewed by 7 AM in the morning. Here are some of the suggestions he made.
  1. Change the title. It's now Identity and the Education Community in Multi-user Virtual Environments.
  2. I need to email 2 different types of abstracts to him. The short 75 word one and the 1,000 word one, that I will eventually submit to AECT. When I actually do register for AECT, I need to choose the AECT/SL special interest group as the category.
  3. Change the opening header to "Introduction." Change a few words within that particular paragraph. At the end of that paragraph, add information from Sam's case study. (If I cannot find the case study, email Peter). Include information about other classes taught at the University of Hawaii such as Barbara's class, Diane Nahl's class, and the other psychology professor he mentioned.
  4. Change the second section's title. Call it "Problem/Need for study."
  5. Take out the entire next section called ETEC 649.
  6. Call the next section Methodology.
  7. The next section after that would be called Analysis and Findings.
  8. In this section, put in quotes that states how I came to this particular conclusion.
  9. Include statements from the Diehl and Prins study about general Second Life users.
  10. Label the next section Conclusion and Implications.
  11. See other comments for details
I need to get all of this into Peter by tomorrow. I cancelled my massage. Have to get at it later during the week. Hopefully, I'll have enough time to complete my readings by then for tomorrow's class. Oh, and download the pictures from Faye. And NO meeting on Thursday with Peter.


P.S. - At a later time and date, rearrange your survey questions into a graph, match them up to your research questions and then change them accordingly. Consider possibly turning them into Likert scale questions. However, that would make your study a mixed method study. Not sure if I want to do that.

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