Wednesday, March 10, 2010

8 days later...

Dear blog,
I seem to be writing less and less in here, but I am sure that will change once I start getting more feedback for my dissertation proposal. Speaking of my proposal, yesterday, I actually got my margins and headings down for the chapters. Hooray! I've been putting that off for so long. And then this morning I worked on revising the draft by moving a few things around. Surprisingly, Ellen got back to me in regards to feedback rather quickly. Looks like I only have to do a few more things for Chapter 1 before I'm almost done. Hooray!

As for today for my job, I went with my boss Dr. Peter Leong to the Hawaiian School of Knowledge to get inspiration for the possible design of the new College of Education virtual campus in Second Life. We were fortunate to have Rochelle Pi'ilani Ka'aloa give us a tour of the school. We especially liked the open air atmosphere the school provided through the architecture of the buildings. A lot of the artwork around the school was provided by former students who had gone on to become artists. The school really had a great cultural "sense of place." One of the main parts of the school was the Lo'i or taro patch. It had many spaces where students and faculty could meet in the open. It also had Wii-Fi which was a plus :) I'll try to include some pictures here, once I get them into my computer. We are hoping to design the island similar to the Hawaiian School of Knowledge in addition to the College of Education.

The next step in this project is to look up the Punalulu Virtual Lo'i and check out their site for further inspiration. Then, I have to contact COEDSA, CESA, and Get FIT to ask if they want Peter and I to do a presentation of the virtual campus or if they want to collaborate with us on the virtual campus before we create it.

This afternoon I was going to work on my survey questions for the article I was writing, but Peter said that we should take a break this week since we worked so hard getting the article in last week.

Tonight, I'm going to meet with Ellen and my dissertation support group. Hopefully we can help each other out tonight. I'm looking forward to it!


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