Friday, March 26, 2010

Notes from today's meeting with Peter (Starbucks)

GA Job work
  1. Might have to follow up with Margit/Deborah (training). Wait for Peter's response
  2. Follow up with Ari on our workshop on the SL workshop on the 8th…
  3. Reminder in April: COEDSA (9th), CESA (14th)
  4. Have a table out in the College of Ed: week of the 21st (11:30 AM) ( 27th evening 3:30-4:00. Prepare - Flyers for the table/banner/improve signage
  5. Advisory board meeting: April 7 (10-11)
  6. Revise map - Replace pictures with Second Life screenshots/hut structure for the classrooms. Screenshots of Mark's group's hale. Spoke wheel path around the island. This should be done before I leave.
  7. King Kamehameha land markers for navigation/teleport signs/outrigger (similar to RL in Hawaii)
  8. Write up -Propose a code of conduct for the island, privileges of where they can build. This should be done before I leave. Email Peter revisions and suggested privileges.
  9. Before I leave - Prep work April 8th, temporary router set up with Malia's group (8th) for training
  10. After Ari emails the announcement, forward the email announcement regarding training to COEDSA, Siobhan (email Peter
  11. Email Yoko about announcement as well.
690 tasks
  1. Conference proceedings (6-7 pages); separate from journals
  2. Journal articles 10-15 journal article (look at which one I want to submit to
  3. I need to review academic journals in the edtech field. 3 most recent issues of a journal to get a feel, qualititatve/quanititaivte, k-12 or higher education, in other words, what's their theme/preference?
  4. Give Peter a 690 update on April 7th (this means work on it before I leave!!!)