Monday, February 22, 2010

ETEC 750 readings - Week 5

Dear blog,

We had a lot of readings for class week, but I managed to read the majority of them. Overall, the readings spoke about the different types of philosophies surrounding technology's integration into education and how these philosophies were viewed by others throughout the history of modern education. Each philosophy basically asks how (or to what extent) educational organizations should incorporate technology into learning. This issue is not clear cut in that sometimes too much technology is used in the classroom and is feared by some to have replaced instructors in the classroom, yet others see technology as a supplement when teaching and not necessarily a replacement for instruction. In addition, the readings stated that instructional design philosophy is very fluid and changes constantly.

I believe that these readings are particularly helpful, especially to me, since we all need to describe our philosophy of education (aka our theoretical lens) within our dissertations in order for the readers of the dissertation to know what biases we may have when conducting our research. I especially need to re-think my personal philosophy since it has changed quite a bit over the years. Still not sure what I am in particular. When I first started out, I took on a more isomophistic viewpoint. Nowadays, I believe myself to be more of a social cognitivist. However, I'm still thinking about it.


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