Thursday, February 4, 2010

ETEC 750 readings - Week 2

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This week I had several readings to complete. They basically went over Educational Technology theory. After reading these readings, I came to a better understanding of why we read last week's readings. Last week's readings involved the definition of Educational Technology and now the theory part expounds on the definition of Educational Technology in regards to the "why" and "how" of it.

When I first started the PhD program, I had less understanding of why theory was important. However, now I understand that theory helps us understand the viewpoint that we are coming from when we do our research. Our biases are now out in the open and since we are able to admit our viewpoint, we can then proceed with the actual content of the research we are doing without much questioning from our peers. I doubt that NO questioning will occur, but at least some understanding will exist between researcher, peers, and advisers.

Also theory helps us frame our research project. What we intend to find out and how it will occur. In other words, it provides a basis of what we are looking at.

As for the readings, the first two readings basically asked the question, "How does technology affect the way we think and learn?" These two readings provided the framework for the rest of the readings which involved Educational Technology theory. Theory basically does ask the questions "why" something happens or "how." This then went on with the other readings which delved into the various theories possible for use within Educational Technology research.

Overall, I thought that the readings were a good review. I can't say that I have anything critical to say about them. They were more informative rather than controversial. I am looking forward to reading them again, to figure out which "lens" I want to apply to my research project. When I started out in the program, I had already decided on what my lens would be. However, my topic for my research was on videoblogging and not necessarily virtual worlds. I think I will need to apply a different lens. I have read through pretty much all of the articles, but I need to go back and review them again. Once I decide on my lens, I will update you on this blog.

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