Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Frustrations abound

Dear blog,

I am so frustrated today. Not only did my gaming computer (which I do some of my work on) crash last night because a griefer in Second Life decided it would be fun to create an explosion inworld where my computer's graphics card and motherboard or whatever it's called would freeze twice, but I get a call from Linden Labs stating that they cannot create the College of Education island right away because they did not receive a ticket from the person who owns the University of Hawaii island, giving permission to place our COE island next to his island. However, the person who owns the UH island stated in an email earlier that he did give permission to Linden Labs. (Just to reiterate, I'm not blaming him, I think really there is a misunderstanding, but I wanted to vent and get this down on record so I don't forget about it later).

The Linden Labs person said that he needs to hit reply on his email to get it sent to the them. Um, what the hey? Plus they mentioned that the person who owns the UH island opened up 2 customer accounts and that they need to merge them. (I have no clue about this, so I'll just leave it). Okay… So basically everything else is okay I think…. Then again the person from Linden Labs was basically speaking over my head about Purchase Orders and invoices and what not. I think I cleared up with her that our main money guy Brian is NOT Peter the professor who is suppose to be in charge of the island, who I think she was confused about. However, the LL person also said that Peter should have received emails that needed replies to. However, I am not sure even if Peter received any emails or not.

(Note: Emails sent to Peter/Brian on Dec 11 & 12, check if these emails have been responded too)

I am just so confused. I think there's too many people involved in this. The Linden Labs person said she would clear it up on her end and I thanked her for that. You know I think they should have just put everything in my name and we should have created our own separate island and when I leave my grad assistant job I would just transfer the island over to Peter. Errrrgh. So frustrating. In addition, I feel really stupid because I have no idea what is going on. Either I'm stupid or Linden Labs needs to figure out how to do their invoicing better. In my position, I try to be the consummate professional, but at times like these, I feel like a kindergardener.

And now i have to blog about the book club book I think. I'll try to do it now. I guess.

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