Friday, April 4, 2008

Another idea I brainstormed with my co-worker Adam

Doing a content analysis of virtual worlds educational blogs. Compare/contrast?

(Ethnographic study of educators who participate in 3-D virtual environments?)

- Content?
- Higher ed, secondary, primary, general, etc... (compare to the journal content analysis example, use their justification)

- Uses?
- Audience (who, how much, etc...)?
- Authors of the blog (teachers, companies, educators)?
- Purpose (of whole blog or individual posts)? (Professional development, news/events/announcements, collaboration, research, advertising, recruiting, resources, lesson ideas, etc...)
- Interactivity?

Might be moving now in to a more qualitative approach, instead of quantitative, unless I actually want to start counting words (nouns, verbs, types of vocab, etc...), then it might go back to quantitative, or I could always do mixed method.  We'll see...

I'm a bit of an English nerd (although I haven't read for pleasure/fun in years!  I think college killed that love awhile back), but I love analyzing texts/electronic applications.  It's the one thing I am good at.  Oh and being creative.  I can be creative, sort of.  Well, people have said that they like my work in SL, so something must be working. :)  SO.... I want to parlay that English/SL love into something of a dissertation.  I think my other idea about doing a quantitative survey students and their attitudes about virtual environments might be a bit much for me, especially since I will be uber-busy over the next few years.  

Plus, in all honesty, I don't think I will hired at ETEC.  I would like to, but I don't really see any openings in the near future (again, this my opinion, I can't say for sure).  But another option for me is to work in the English department.  I love to teach hybrid tech and rhetoric courses.  My former professor Dr. Payne  inspired me awhile back about this topic, and it may be something I want to pursue if I teach in a higher academic setting.  So, if my dissertation is about blogs (journaling on the Internet) and tech, I may be able to consider working in the English dept. at UH.

Other options for prospective future jobs would be working at another university/college in Hawaii,  working at another University in Japan, going back to my high school alma mater, and work as an administrator/tech coordinator and turn it in to a tech campus.  I am sure something will turn up. :-p

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